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Bulk SMS Marketing is sending Bulk SMS to the target audience in order to promote your product. As from earlier, there are high chances of the audience to more likely to check the SMS as it is convenient. This allows establishing better communication with the customers.

All you have to do as a subscriber to this service, select the application and fill in the numbers of the customers from your database. It will set messages sent. Now create your customized SMS and select the date and time to send it. Your message will be sent through a bulk SMS service provider.

Difference between long code and short code

In the selection of Bulk SMS Service, you will come across these two services. They are different in terms of:-

  • Anatomy

Long Codes have a longer set of digits, the area code is tied to the 10-digit number in order to send and receive texts, calls and faxes. While the short code has 5-6 digits that send messages only. 

  • Speed

Long codes are a person to person messages and have a limit of 1 message per second while the other has 40 messages per second.

  • Inbound to Outbound text ratio

Long codes can be blocked by the carrier regulations but in short codes, this problem doesn’t exist due to the predefined nature of the text. 

Pros and Cons of Long Codes and Short Codes

Long CodesShort Codes
Since the Long Codes are sent on a person to person basis, they can be used to deliver important information. For Eg, a Courier service might want to send information regarding delivery or a bank might want to send a monthly account balance data.The shortcodes are sent in bulk to various recipients at a time, so they are generalized messages. They can hold text marketing promotions, alerts, etc.
The Long Codes are easy to acquire, you have to just fill-up the form online and you can avail of the services.The messages sent via these codes are not customized to one person so they are comparatively faster to send.
The codes do not require a lot of investment. If your business is new and you don’t have enough money then this may be the right service for you.SMSs have a delivery receipt so that the sender can know if the message was actually received.
These services are good for marketing campaigns, where you have long term SMS strategy.
The Long Codes take more time compared to shortcodes in sending the message.The short codes are difficult to acquire, they may take 5-6 business days as it needs to be registered under the administrative authorities.
The codes are used worldwide but do not support the delivery recipient. The sender doesn’t get to know if the message was received or not.The codes require slightly higher investment. If the business is not having enough money to invest then this is not the correct service for you.
They are not good for long-term marketing strategies where bulk messages are sent to the audience.
Pros & Cons of Long and Short Codes


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The difference between Sequencing and Broadcasting

It is a series of messages that follow-up one after another.This is a one-off message send to the target audience
Different between Sequencing and Broadcasting

Capturing Leads

After the target audience starts showing interest in the product, it is important to contact the leads so the interest can be maintained. This is when the two-way communication starts and you have to opportunity to convince the audience to be your customer.

Most messages are read in first few minutes of delivery, so follow up becomes easy. It will be better to follow up right away by making short yet informative messages. This shows that the brand is prompt in its response.

Birthday, Holiday and Other Announcements

If your brand has an announcement to make or announce a holiday in an organization or arrange a birthday party, you will need a better way of communication that reaches everyone in time. It is also necessary that the communication is received by people which means they have read the messages.

The mass texting service (bulk messages) of shortcodes come in handy during those times as you can convey the message in a single click. All you have to do is create a message that is informative and select your recipients, then hit send and you are set and done for bulk SMS marketing.

Follow up reminders

A few times we need to send follow up regarding the previous interactions or reminders to the clients. E.g. a hospital may have to send reminders to its patients regarding the consultation appointment or the bank may have to follow up on the credit card scheme a person opts for.

In these scenarios, the long codes are required by the organization as two-way communication is required. Moreover, it calls for a personalized message that is directly addressed to the recipient to cater to his/her cause.

Dos and Don’ts – Bulk SMS Marketing

Dos: –

  1. The timing really matters when you send the message, always choose an appropriate time to connect with your audience.
  2. SMS marketing is based on the permission of your audience. So, make your customer feel important by rewarding their loyalty by giving offers, discounts, etc.
  3. In this busy and constantly moving life, no one has the time to read paragraphs about the promotion of brands. So be precise with your message.
  4. Use attention-catching phrases to start your sentences.
  5. Approach your clients in a call-to-action manner, where you initially inform the client about the benefits and the campaign and in the end provide a method to follow up. It affects better if we improvize it within the 160 character limit.

Don’ts: –

  1. Avoid using abbreviations and slang, as they can ruin the message.
  2. Don’t forget to add your website link at the end or any other way for the audience to follow up.
  3. Starting with a question is a very common approach but don’t bombard your audience with questions. They become very annoying.
  4. Don’t sound robotic, try to add a personal touch to your conversation.


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